Day 0


I have decided to go out with a bang.  Since this is the last day of me “eating irresponsibly” before embarking on my body transformation journey, I decided my lunch would be not just irresponsible, but borderline offensive.  The only way I could have made it worse was to have pizza.  Nothing beats a big slab of refined carbohydrate and fat, but alas, my favourite pizzeria is not open for lunch any more.

Instead, I went right to the next-worst option – fast food.  I put some thought into this, and decided on a Whopper.  Even the name is a bit racy, maybe even risqué.  Much more prosaic than “1/4 Pounder with Cheese”, and hey – it’s flame-grilled.  Why not add some more known carcinogens into the mix?

As I sat in the drive-through lineup, it occurred to me that a Whopper might not be enough to really push me over the edge.  Solution:  the double Whopper, with cheese.  Even better – two of them!  Let’s throw in some deep-fried, high-glycemic carbohydrate (French fries) and a big old cup of high-fructose corn syrup.  Diet Coke?  BAH – give me both barrels of the fully leaded, please!

As I sit here typing this, the fat and sugar congealing in my digestive system, I am realizing that I will not, in fact, miss eating that kind of crap.  I will not be missing anything, for that matter, if all goes according to plan.

Instead of depriving myself of really good food, I am planning to “eat well” in the best sense of the term.  I will eat food that is delicious AND healthy.  I will find ways to make all of my favourites healthier, without losing any flavour.

Tonight, though, may be utter debauchery.  I’m thinking a nice, meaty, cheesy lasagne…