Ground Zero


OK – let’s get the detailed, regular blogging on the road, shall we?

Today I went and had a DXA (aka DEXA) scan done at Bodycomp in Vancouver.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with DXA scans, you can find more information at the link, but put simply, it is the gold standard for body composition testing, and gives you your fat, muscle and bone mass.

The results were surprising in a way, because I came in leaner than I thought I’d be.  I had predicted that I’d be around 24% body fat, but actually ended up at 20.5%.  If my abdominal fat were basically in line with the rest of my body, I would have been around 17 – 18%, but my trunk skewed my numbers upwards with its 24.9% fat mass rating.  Overall, I’m near the top end of the “healthy” range for a male under 40.

In total, I weighed in at 90.1 kg (198.6 lbs.), with 18.5 kg (40.8 lbs.) of fat, 68.7 kg (151.6 lbs.) of muscle and 2.8 kg (6.3 lbs.) of bone.  I was very surprised at how little my skeleton weighs, but my % bone mass is actually slightly above average, so it’s nothing to be concerned about.

One other interesting find – some significant assymetry between my left and right sides (both arms and legs).  I have about 11% more muscle mass and 15% more bone mass in my right arm vs. my left, and 7% more muscle mass and 6% more bone mass in my right leg vs. my left.  The leanest part of my body was my right arm, which clocked in at 10.1% fat mass.

So now, I just need to get the rest of my body in line with my right arm, and I’m all set!  Seriously, though, I’m going to be aiming to hit the low to mid teens (around 13 – 14%), hopefully by the time I go for the second round of scanning, which I have planned for late July.

A big thank you to Peter Schwagly, the brains behind Bodycomp, for coming in on a Saturday to accommodate us, and the whole group who joined me for our little field trip, including April, Julie, Kirsten, Ruth, Steph and Sue, as well as Luis, who didn’t get scanned, but provided much entertainment!  Also Josh and Vicky, who weren’t able to meet up with the group, but were going to get scanned later in the day.

I would also highly recommend “Joey” in the Bentall One tower in Vancouver, where we went for lunch after we all got scanned.  Excellent food and a good atmosphere – I’ll definitely be going back next time I’m in town.


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